Syntax of Technical Files for ADR

Carriage with safety …

The European Union with the Agreement ADR set the rules for Safety in the International Road Transportation Of Dangerous Goods and this name comes from the initials of the words of the French text "Accord European relatif au transport international des merchandises dangereuses par route".

The harmonisation of the Agreement ADR (94/55/ΕC-ADR/1995) in Greek Legislation has became with the Presidential Law 104/99 (Greek Official Gazette 113Α/4.6.1999) «Adaptation of Greek Legislation to the provisions of the direct 94/55/EC of 21.11.1994 for the approach of legislation of the member states in point of the road transportation of dangerous merchandise» as modificated by the directions 96/86/ΕC-ADR/1997 the 99/47/ΕC-ADR/1999 and the 2001/7/ΕΚ-ADR/2001 which incorporated in the με τις Ministerial Decisions Φ2/21099/1700 Joint Ministerial Dicision (Greek Official Gazette Β 509/2000), the 21736/2092/2001 Joint Ministerial Dicision (Greek Official Gazette Β 1232/2001) and the 47368/2522/4-8-2004 Joint Ministerial Dicision (Greek Official Gazette Β 1303/25-8-2004) correspondingly and it is in effect today as ADR 2001.

The Agreement is refers to the safety transportation of dangerous merchandise and to the special requirements, that sould fill the vehicles and their drivers.

The Agreement ADR consists of three basic parts, the Agreement - frame and the Annexes Α and Β.

The agreement frame determines the application area and the engagements of the states that have signed it.

The Annex A includes provisions that refer to dangerous material and their types.

The Annex B includes provisions that refer to the means of transport and the transport.

Each tanker that transports dangerous merchandise at ADR before putted on traffic should be checked initially by some communicated institution approved by the Ministry of Transports and then to classified by the Administration of Transport. Then it should be checked periodically by the control bureau.

The transportation dams before first use it should be checked as for technical specifications of their manufacture also by some communicated institution approved approved by the Ministry of Transports and then to take type approval by the Ministry of Transports.

In order to make either the initial / periodical check of the tanker – superstructure or the check of the technical specifications dams structure it is required the constructed of technical files and his deposit in the control bureau so that to published the inspection report.

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