Cooperation with Trust

The explicit European orientation of our country and in consequence it’s related legislation, leads «ROTSKOS & PARTNERS» to continuously follow-up relative provisions concerning various educational aspects.

Thus with continuously briefing in educational subjects and issues concerning hygiene, safety, technical specifications and the new legislation requirements, «ROTSKOS & PARTNERS» can immediately provide that information to its clients so that can protect you from unwanted issues and problems and contribute in client’s company growth. The people of «ROTSKOS & PARTNERS» are experienced engineers (mechanical engineers, civil engineers, architects, environmental, shipping, surveyors, lawyers and economists) that are collaborating in harmony to achieve the best for client’s educational needs.

One of «ROTSKOS & PARTNERS» main objectives is the continuous knowledge seeking and attitude to expand the list of services that «ROTSKOS & PARTNERS» offers to its clients. Collaboration with «ROTSKOS & PARTNERS» provides the ability to the client of having, direct and forever, access in all work files regarding the projects that was assigned to «ROTSKOS & PARTNERS», since «ROTSKOS & PARTNERS» maintains in private dedicated servers complete filed material of all projects, from the initial day of its activity registration up to now.

Our offices are located in 179 Alexandrou Papanastasiou str (Harilaou area) Thessaloniki – Greece. Our facilities are totally modernized through the ESPA 2014 – 2020 programme «Technology Coupons for small and very small businesses of Central Macedonia District». Our company «ROTSKOS & PARTNERS» owns office equipment in the cutting edge of technology that can satisfy even the most demanding needs.

Some of our equipment includes:

  • Modern ERP system for operation and file management.
  • Cloud system for operation and file management
  • Dedicated server to support our operations.
  • High End computer workstations.
  • Integrated Printing System consisted by plotters, printers, drawing folding system, cutting systems etc. that enable company to be totally autonomous.
  • Audiovisual equipment for the training seminars.