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Consulting Engineers

«ROTSKOS & PARTNERS» philosophy is based on the long-lasting and permanent collaboration with its clients approach. The main objective of all people working in «ROTSKOS & PARTNERS» is to provide fast services of high quality, so that our clients can feel that «ROTSKOS & PARTNERS» is part of their own company and acts on the basis of their own plan, proposing solutions that are cost effective and technically right.

The list of services that «ROTSKOS & PARTNERS» provides to its clients includes the following among others: 

  • Technical & Training Planning
  • Development of Educational Themes
  • Developing a List of Speakers – Trainers
  • Development of audiovisual educational material
  • Cooperation with Training Centers in Greece and abroad
  • Design and Development of relevant events

New services are added continuously in the list of services that «ROTSKOS & PARTNERS» offers to its clients.



Please contact us in order to discuss how we can answer your own needs. It is our pleasure to assist and inform you for anything that is related to our knowledge and our business activity. Our response is always based in same high quality standards as the services offered to our clients and our main objective constantly is to satisfy you and built a long-lasting and permanent collaboration with you.